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Le Théâtre Jacques Coeur venue - 32€

20:00 > 22:30

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Anne Sylvestre / © Philomène Petit Jean

Anne Sylvest sang at the 2nd Printemps in 1978, and it is not because of a nostalgia of #goodoldtimesinqualityfrenchchanson that she is coming back to Bourges. A lot of young artists (Yves Jamait, Les Ogres de Barback, Agnès Bihl, Renan Luce, Aldebert…) openly admit all that they owe to the insolence and poetry of her songs, and how they regularly invite her to join them in the studio or at concerts.  This year, this great lady will celebrate her 80th birthday on stage. Here is a unique occasion to understand how freedom came to be in the french chanson.

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