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Les iNOUïS du Printemps de Bourges Crédit Mutuel

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Les Prix Printemps de Bourges iNOUïS 2014

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Les iNOUïS du Printemps de Bourges Crédit Mutuel

In the beginning, they were more than three thousand. Those three thousand tried to be part of Les iNOUïS du Printemps de Bourges Crédit Mutuel, the most original and productive system to select young talents in France.

Those three thousand went through a selecting process based on twenty nine regional branches and five artistic advisers, in order to play in front of professionals, journalists and the most passionate audience, during the iNOUïS concert series: rock, chanson, electro and hip hop at the 22 East and West.

Those three thousand dreamed of receiving the same determining help that has been boosting the careers of Anaïs, Juliette, Têtes Raides, Zebda, Gojira, Paris Combo, Mesparrow, Juveniles, Concrete Knives, EZ3kiel, Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains, Hocus Pocus, Chapelier Fou, L, Chinese Man, Beat Torrent, The Bewitched Hands, Nemir… since 1985.

Those three thousand wished they had the same career as the ten former iNOUïS that are programmed this year at Le Printemps de Bourges: Skip The Use, Nathalie Natiembé, ALB, Jeanne Cherhal, Cats On Trees, Cheveu, Nosfell, Von Pariahs (Prix du Printemps de Bourges-iNOUïS 2012), Christine and the Queens (Prix du Jury-iNOUïS 2012) and of course the outstanding Fauve, Prix du Printemps de Bourges-iNOUïS 2013.

During the whole winter, the regional iNOUïS auditions have been sold out, which shows that the network is in good shape, as is musical creation in France and francophone countries – for Belgians, Swiss and Quebecois are coming too!

Of those three thousand who sent their application, thirty two will play in Bourges. Those thirty two bands will play in five sessions, during which you will discover the next big things – later, you'll say « I was in Bourges when they played at Les iNOUïS ».

For the third year, a judging panel composed of professionals will make its choice among the excellent selection. Coming after Nosfell in 2012 and Orelsan in 2013, Albin de la Simone will be president of the 2014 jury.

What's next? Well, the iNOUïS adventure goes on. For the first time, Le Printemps de Bourges organizes a nationwide iNOUïS Tour that will take place in five French cities, in order to extend the emotions of the 22 East-West. That's right, Les iNOUïS are not limited to Bourges. A new revolution is happening, almost thirty years after the creation of Les Découvertes.

Daniel Colling

* La Tournée des iNOUÏS :

  • Lille/Tourcoing > Grand Mix le 30 septembre 2014
  • Nancy > L'Autre Canal le 1er octobre 2014
  • Lyon > Transbordeur le 2 octobre 2014
  • Marseille > Espace Julien le 3 à octobre 2014
  • Bordeaux > Rock School Barbey le 4 octobre 2014